Why Join Forever Company – Global Opportunity

Everyone dreams on starting a business but have no idea which one to start or join. We are happy to highlight about the Forever Living Products business opportunity, that can be done by anyone from the age of 18years and from any part of the world. Forever has its presence in over 160 countries worldwide and an experience of over 40years in the market.

Starting a business with Forever gives you the potential to earn a significant income stream, have time and freedom to build your life according to your dreams and allows you the flexibility to start part-time and build a full-time income. You can retail the Forever products that you buy at a discount. You can recruit, and sponsor, someone who sells Forever products or purchases them for their personal use.

Benefits Of Joining Forever Living Products

Forever Living Products is a different kind of company that provides everyone with a better quality of life through innovative wellness products and an unmatched financial opportunity.

  • No rent payments
  • No registration payment
  • Redeemable start up cost in products. (Ask me how you redeem this)
  • World class training and support
  • Huge profit margins
  • Immediate eligibility to discounts
  • Tax burden handled by our company hence no need for accountant.
  • 60 seconds online form
  • No hidden fees
  • Work part time or full time

Who can Work with Forever Living Products?

  • Someone who wants to escape the 9.00am to 5pm job trap.
  • Someone who says, “Yes, I am employed but my salary is not enough for my dreams”.
  • Those who have never marketed or done sales but are willing to learn.
  • Individuals who dare to dream and can push to achieve their dreams.
  • People who know they can never achieve their dreams by working for others.
  • Anyone who wants to supplement their partners income
  • Those who can dream of putting up their dream house, buying their dream car and sending their children to the best schools.
  • Anyone looking for freedom to do more, travel the world and enjoy life.
  • People that are tired of sitting in traffic heading to work or micromanagement?
  • Do you feel constantly broke despite putting in more than your fair share?

How to Join Forever Living – Getting Started in other Countries

There are two great ways to join Forever! Becoming a Forever Business Owner gives you the opportunity to build a business and build an extra income by purchasing products at a 30% discount, and then selling the products to others. As a Preferred Customer, you will get 5% off all purchases for personal use. Explore both options below and select how you want to experience Forever.

Forever Business Owner

By purchasing the Start Your Journey Pack, you will receive a collection of Forever’s most popular products and key literature. You will also achieve Assistant Supervisor status on Forever’s Marketing Plan and receive a 30% discount on all subsequent orders.

Forever Preferred Customer

As a Preferred Customer you’ll get 5% off all future purchases, and be part of our exclusive club of insiders that will get updates on new products, promotions and news before anyone else.

To view our products, click HERE

How to Get Started in Kenya

There are 5 steps to get you started with Forever successfully.

  1. Sign up with a Start Your Journey Pack above and get your business started! To begin your journey as a Forever Business Owner you will first need to purchase the Start Your Journey Pack.
  2. You will be redirected to register under the home country store that you are registering to
  3. Our agent will call you with more information and guidance on how to kickstart your business
  4. You will receive training on some of our products and portal
  5. That’s it! You are now ready for the most exciting business journey ever taken.

Things You Need to Do

  1. Use the products – become your own best customer
  2. Share the products – talk to people about the products benefits and develop regular customers
  3. Build a team – talk to 5 key people about the Forever Opportunity and work the simple cycle.
  4. Coach others to – develop their regular customers and find their 5 key people.
  5. Attend trainings in your local area.

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