Forever Active Pro-B Probiotics


Forever Active Pro-B™ promotes healthy digestion, enhances nutrient absorption and supports immune function. This supplement is designed to deliver active, healthy and beneficial bacteria to your digestive system.

Contains: 30 Beadlet Forever Active Pro-B™

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Designed to promote a healthy digestive system, Forever Pro-B™ includes a proprietary blend of 6 different probiotic strains and provides 8billion CFU per dose. The vegetarian capsule is packaged in a unique vial that uses Active Vial Technology ™ to control moisture absorption and protect the probiotics through their shelf life.


Forever Active Pro-B™ uses an exclusive, cryo protection technology that protects the probiotics during manufacture and throughout shelf life, and the probiotic strains themselves have been selected and engineered to have high resistance to stomach acid and bile salts allowing them to reach the intestines. Clinical studies have shown these strains have a greater ability to colonize and proliferate and survive the passage of the GI Tract.


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